sim2000 disrespecting our photography industry?

Im not really one to have a moan but I thought I would point out this experience out to my fellow photographers and wedding photographers who read my blog.

I was recently approached by sim2000 ( who are one of the UK’s leading print lab and wedding album suppliers. They asked if they could use the […]

Italian Wedding Album Arrives with Nottingham Photographer

I have just received a new demo album from ‘Italian PB’ who produce a couple of very striking wedding albums. If Im honest, most are not my style but the ‘Donatello’ really caught my eye so I added one to my stable. My ‘Donatello’ is a 35cm x 35cm but it can also be produced in 25×35 30×40 […]

My Wedding Albums

Once your wedding day is finally over and everybody has returned home, the cake has gone, the cars returned and the flowers have wilted your photos are all which remain. The perfect solution is a fantastic wedding album telling the story of your special day, that first family heirloom which can be handed down the […]