Featured Weddings

It is so hard to select my favourite featured wedding from recent years as every single wedding is a very unique experience. 

I’m based in Nottingham and my experience covers many different types of weddings from small intimate affairs to very large Sikh and Hindu events, usually over three or four days. I love the stunning country house estates like Swancar Farm, Norwood Park and Stubton Hall and work in very prestigious Lincolnshire venues like Doddington HallBelvoir Castle and Stoke Rochford Hall. Every wedding has its own individual story which is usually down to the fact that every person has a different personality. and I love the fact that I am always surprised by the details that tell the backstory of each couple.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your wedding, my approach is always consistent. The primary reason for me is to ensure your wedding days is captured through stunning documentary photography that tells the story of your day from beginning to end. Along the way, capturing images of you, your family and guests, all of the magical moments, the emotion so that every frame I take will bring back all of those memories that transport you back to that time and place.

Have a look at these slideshows which show the way I work and the approach I take.