I love any pre-wedding Shoot at Wollaton Park, its my home from home but all my pre-wedding Shoots give me an opportunity to find out more about my bride and groom. Their likes and dislikes and their expectations for their wedding. It was a massive compliment it was when Nina & JP asked me to document their wedding. JP works in film, making time-lapse films but has a massive interest in anything photography related & I now have to make a conscious effort to tone my tech talk with JP while Nina is around, sorry Nina 🙂

It fascinating to find out about my clients lives & its an honour to get so close to one of the pivotal moments in their lives together. Its a day they will never forget & its a source of pride for myself to be able to record their first family heirloom. JP, being the romantic proposed to Nina whilst floating over Belper in a hot air balloon. Nina is from Northampton so thats where we are off in a few weeks where they will marry in St John the Baptist Church with the reception at the lovely Brampton Grange.