Portrait Photography

90% of my clients tell me that they either hate or don’t like having their photo taken. I say they come to me because they see no-fuss photography style that showcases real people and this is something they want for themselves. My wedding photography style is a mix of natural storytelling documentary photography which is the main focus of any wedding. That said, my clients usually require a few creative but natural couple portrait photography images and some easy, relaxed group shots as well. It is their wedding so I’m happy to provide whatever they need.

Documentary photography is about telling a story so I feel my portrait photography should echo that. Each wedding story is unique and in turn, a unique approach has to be taken. Take a look at my collection of images below, all captured at real weddings with real people who hate having their photo taken. Each image tells their story as I use what we have around us and they are all unique. I make a conscious decision not to repeat the work I’ve done previously which can sometimes be challenging when you have visited the same venue countless times but with consideration and a creative mind, it can be done.


Flower girls in the lane portrait photography























Documentary (dok-yuhmen-tuh-ree): These are totally unposed moments that make up the majority of your wedding images. In turn, this collection ultimately tells your story. That’s pretty important I’d say!

Details (deeteyls): All the days, months and years that you’ve spent planning your wedding. You need to remember all of those details that took so long to organise, little and large.