Im not really one to have a moan but I thought I would point out this experience out to my fellow photographers and wedding photographers who read my blog.

I was recently approached by sim2000 ( who are one of the UK’s leading print lab and wedding album suppliers. They asked if they could use the featured wedding image for their own promotional use in return for a credit. Considering their customers are photographers, so there is no real value in their offer so I asked if they would provide a sample wedding album in return. This meant I could sell their albums to my clients, win win I thought and pretty low cost transaction for them. They refused but offered their standard 30% discount on samples. It has left me with no choice but to refuse to allow them any usage rights to my image.

I have spent literally thousands of pounds with them over the last few years but Im left with no option but to discontinue their product line and cease trading with them. For a company who relies pretty much solely on photographers for the mainstay of their business, it is totally disrespectful to our industry and I am disgusted that they would behave in this manner.

I can’t afford to work for free, my bank manager would not accept a credit for my mortgage and Im sure any other business wouldn’t either. Im sure they will continue to search for a sucker who will see the value in their credit and eventually get their free images. This behaviour really has to stop, otherwise companies like sim2000 will be out of business themselves if their customers are not compensated fairly for their work.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.