Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding photography is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make for your big day and though it may initially only seem like a small part of the overall event, it’s this small part that will help you to look back and remember your wedding for years to come.

Deciding on your wedding photography is much more than choosing a wedding photographer and letting them have free reign. In fact, a lot more goes into it than couples initially realise. Though wedding photographers in Nottingham and around the country are always more than happy to offer suggestions and advice as to what type of photography they feel works best, as a couple you will need to decide on the wedding photography styles that suit you.

Different Wedding Photography Styles to Consider

There are a lot of different wedding photography styles to consider and each results in a different type of photograph; some staged, some dramatic and some that are more lighthearted and relaxed. Some of the most popular wedding photography styles include:


Classic photographs are those that will look great for years to come, regardless of any changes in photography trends. They are usually formal and can be shot in colour or black and white. The aim of classic wedding photography is to create photographs that will look beautiful today, tomorrow and when you’re celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. Classic wedding shots are popular for many couples, especially those that are looking to hang the images at home.


Artistic photographs are those that are more unique and personal to you as a couple. Artistic wedding photography often centres around capturing a portrait of the couple, using the photographer’s creative flair. The aim is to take photographs that are special to the couple, and only the couple; they won’t be seen elsewhere.

Documentary or Candid

Documentary or candid photography steps away from staged and styled shots, leaning towards more spontaneous or natural moments. Angles are important with this type of wedding photography, but if done well you will be left with beautiful photographs that capture true emotion of the day.


Lifestyle wedding photography is about creating a story in a relaxed way, but with a certain level of direction and styling. With lifestyle wedding photography the aim is to create a storyboard of the day, shown through people and portraits in different situations, but in an artistic manner.

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