Italian Wedding Album Arrives with Nottingham Photographer

I have just received a new demo album from ‘Italian PB‘ who produce a couple of very striking wedding albums. If Im honest, most are not my style but the ‘Donatello’ really caught my eye so I added one to my stable. My ‘Donatello’ is a 35cm x 35cm but it can also be produced in 25×35 30×40 or 40×40. The cover is genuine leather and is printed on lay flat pages.

Every wedding photographer should have a good choice of albums to show their clients. Even if a client may not want a wedding album, a well designed album would show a whole wedding and also the strengths and weaknesses of the photographer. It shows layout, design, print translation and most importantly the story telling skills of the photographer. It also would give you a glimpse into the way a photographer would think when shooting a wedding. A wedding photographer who only provides digital media, usually only shoots for the CD or DVD. A lot of the time those vital detail shots could be missed and these ultimately, tell the story of your day.

Please contact me anytime if you would like a closer look at my albums, you are welcome at my Nottingham studio. Even if you are looking for a digital only service I encourage everyone to have a look though my albums. I will never do the ‘Hard Sell’ thing but I would always advise any of my clients to get their photo’s into a book or album of some kind. Please, whatever you do, don’t leave that DVD stuck in a drawer collecting dust. A wedding album would always become a safely net in case of an accident or mistake. Digital files these days have almost become throw away and are very easily lost. A beautiful wedding album would give you something you can touch, hold and feel and it will certainly last the test of time. So, always ask the photographer to view his/ her albums.

Thank-you, Gary.

Nottingham Wedding Photographer