The above is my favourite photograph of Wollaton Hall taken by myself.

Wollaton-Hall-Shoot-www.oneloveweddings.co_.uk-019 Wollaton Hall Weddings

Wollaton Hall and Deer Park is a spectacular Elizabethan mansion and park set in the heart of Nottingham. Wollaton Hall was built between 1580 and 1588 for Sir Francis Willoughby and is believed to be designed by the Elizabethan architect Robert Smythson. It was built with the intention of impressing Queen Elizabeth I (which didn’t work as she never visited Nottingham). It is a truly stunning venue and Wollaton Hall Weddings can arrange a civil ceremony or civil partnership, you could even use the Hall as a reception venue. The staff at the Hall are amazing people who show a heartfelt love for this iconic Nottingham landmark.

Wollaton-Hall-Shoot-www.oneloveweddings.co_.uk-019 Wollaton Hall Weddings

Most Nottingham people hold this place very close to their heart and it gave me great pleasure when I was selected as one of Wollaton Halls preferred Nottingham wedding photographers. I have been given prime position in their brand new glossy wedding brochure. To mark this occasion I was allowed all access to the Hall with my camera and a small team of creatives to shoot an editorial bridal session. I grabbed this with both hands as I had complete access to rooms that I and many other Nottingham people have never seen before.

Wollaton-Hall-Shoot-www.oneloveweddings.co_.uk-019 Wollaton Hall Weddings

Wayne Manor and Batman

In 2011 the Hall was featured as the latest Wayne Manor in the Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Scenes were filmed both inside and outside Wollaton Hall which looked amazing in the final film. The Hall asked if I could produce a Batman-inspired wedding image for use in the brochure. This was quite a challenge for me as I had an image of Delboy and Rodney running away from the hall. I did my best to put these images to one side and thought that the best link for me would be some bats. So the image below was born.

Wollaton-Hall-Shoot-www.oneloveweddings.co_.uk-019 Wollaton Hall Weddings

We really stopped the traffic in Wollaton Hall at times and even had some visitors joining in the photography fun.

Wollaton-Hall-Shoot-www.oneloveweddings.co_.uk-019 Wollaton Hall Weddings

Below is one of the rooms used for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, where it is covered in sheets. The only thing they changed in the room was the fireplace as Warner Brothers brought in there own.

Wollaton-Hall-Shoot-www.oneloveweddings.co_.uk-019 Wollaton Hall Weddings

It’s such a brilliant opportunity for any bride and groom to get some amazing photographs on their special day at Wollaton Hall, just check out the shot taken on the roof below.

Wollaton-Hall-Shoot-www.oneloveweddings.co_.uk-019 Wollaton Hall Weddings

I’m really looking forward to working closely with Wollaton Hall weddings.  I’m sure I will be photographing some fantastic weddings at one of Nottingham’s premier wedding venues. The shoot was a fantastic opportunity and experience, one I would love to repeat sometime soon.

Wollaton-Hall-Shoot-www.oneloveweddings.co_.uk-019 Wollaton Hall Weddings

A big thank-you to everybody involved.

Bridal Wear Design: http://www.roserobinsonbridal.co.uk

Wedding Cake Company: Star Bakery

Photography by me 🙂 Read more here

Wollaton-Hall-Shoot-www.oneloveweddings.co_.uk-019 Wollaton Hall Weddings

& of course, I wouldn’t want to forget the lovely models involved Chloe, Abi and Danielle.

…and most of all, I really need to thank all the staff at Wollaton Hall for making this such a special day for everyone involved.


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Lisa Stapleton

Stunning love the batman themed picture in particular just amazing my daughter is wanting to study fashion photography at Falmouth this year she too thought your pictures were fantastic


Thank-you Lisa, if your daughter ever needs any help or advice, ask her to drop me a line & I will help all I can.

Take care, Gary

Verity Assad

Hi Gary, loving all your shots, you never seise to amaze me. We need to have a chat about me handing weddings to you if I can’t do them as I am so busy with fostering. I should think you are still selling yourself short, you are up there with the greats as far as I am concerned.
Let me know when a good time to call you as I know you must be in great demand.
Hope you and the family are all well, warm regards Verity xx


e’ un posto bellissimo peccato che in inghilterra il clima non aiuti i matrimoni all’aperto


Grazie Mauro, Sono stato sposato a Sorrento, ma il tempo non un matrimonio fare, la gente 🙂

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